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NEW! Scottish Home Report Requests now available

You can now request a Scottish Home Report on behalf of your seller through DM Hall, at your agreed rate. You'll notice the new button within the Property section on the homepage of your account. 

LandmarkAgent delivers faster client onboarding capabilities from one platform.
With faster AML checks, enhanced visibility of the transaction workflow and a simplified user experience, you can save valuable time.

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Dedicated account management service! 

We offer unrivalled customer support. Each Agency is given their own dedicated account manager with direct dial and email to them so they get to speak to the same person every time should they have any queries, something which is unmatched by any other provider!

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Risk Assessments and Money Laundering Policy guidance!

LandmarkAgent enables you to demonstrate a risk-based approach by offering both normal and high-risk checks as a record of your risk decision without the need to complete a form every time. It removes the need to collect paper documents in most circumstances saving you valuable time.

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Full Scottish Title check integration!

Meaning you can Identify the beneficial owners of the property, even those properties still not digitally mapped and on the Sasine Register. It is then held in your compliance file on the property you’ve been instructed on.

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We have a 92%+ pass rate!

With a higher pass rate, less money is wasted on failed checks which cause delays onboarding clients as you have to revert to manual ID checks.

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No contracts, No Commitments

Our system is completely flexible with a pay as you go solution. You are not tied into a contract and only pay for checks you use, so no wasted credits at the end of each contract period.

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FREE bespoke training and access to a wealth of resources!

LandmarkAgent provides free online anti-money laundering training on both the system and the regulations to ensure your staff are aware of their duties. We provide you with a free certificate at the end of the course to show to HMRC that staff have completed training. You also get access to a library of free resources including webinars and regulation updates.

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Confidence in the result

Our checks use a plethora of data including Experian, Equifax, CCJs, and the Electoral Roll. We check negative data sets such as a fraud check, Sanctions and PEP warnings. Our checks host the DowJones watchlist. This gives you the ability to undertake Enhanced Due Diligence and view detailed information including photographs of individuals who match international Sanctions or PEPs at no additional charge to your!

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Facial recognition – email sent to clients to ID

Available now!

LandmarkAgent helps estate agents get the information they need, fast. Simplify the entire property transaction and stay AML compliant using our all-in-one onboarding hub.

You can access all Landmark services from one account. So, ordering products, managing your caseloads, onboarding clients, and keeping track of transactions is easier than ever. 

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Why choose Landmark Scotland?


Industry-leading insights

As a part of Landmark Information Group, we have access to the biggest resource for land and property data sets, providers, and suppliers in the UK. 

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Local, tailored service solutions

We understand the unique challenges of the region and offer services specifically tailored towards the Scottish property market. 


Expert knowledge of the Scottish market

With over 150 years in the market, our subsidiary Millar & Bryce provide unrivalled knowledge to supplement Landmark's innovative technology.

LEAS ICON BLUE Data integration

Fast transaction process

We capture sales case data early in the transaction process. So you can complete transactions faster while avoiding fragmented or unstructured workflows. 

We know that the world of AML is becoming stricter, with the regulatory burden continually increasing. That’s why we use LandmarkAgent to simplify and enhance our money laundering processes and allow us to focus on growing our business and serving our clients.


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Gain peace of mind with your AML assessments and let us save you time with our industry leading platform. 

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